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Pastoral Care

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As people of God, we are called to work together to care for one another as we seek God's presence, healing, and peace. Pastoral Care at Calvary provides both spiritual and practical support. The Pastoral Care Committee gathers together those extending Calvary's ministry through programs that serve the homebound, the elderly, and the sick as well as others interested in broadening and deepening our ministry of caring.

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Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) are lay members of the congregation who have completed a training program and have been licensed by the Bishop of a diocese to deliver Holy Communion to persons who are unable to attend regularly scheduled services due to illness, injury, or similar circumstances. LEM visits for Calvary Church are typically arranged for the third Sunday in each month (except for December and the month in which Easter falls). Requests for the services of a LEM should be communicated to The Reverend Leslie Reimer.

The Pastoral Care Committee is a resource to support members of the Calvary community who are experiencing a time of special need. Such support might include transportation, assistance with shopping and meals, and access to church services and other church activities. Persons interested in volunteering to help or individuals who wish to request assistance for themselves or another member of the Calvary community should contact Pastoral Care.

Each Sunday following the primary service, the altar flowers are collected and divided into small bouquets to be delivered to parishioners who have had some special event occur in their life that week. Illness, the birth of a child, marriage, and the death of a loved one are among the many reasons why someone in the Calvary Community is targeted for flower delivery. Persons interested in volunteering to participate in this ministry are encouraged to contact Judie Compher or Barbara Hicks, Co-chairs. Persons who wish to suggest a worthy recipient of the flowers are asked to contact the Coordinator or Louise Wells, Events Coordinator.

Containers of soup are prepared by the Soup Group volunteers and made available to those who occasionally need help with meals.

The Pastoral Care Committee makes every effort to facilitate making transportation arrangements for persons wishing to attend services at Calvary Church but who are unable to provide for their own needs. Volunteers are needed for both short-term and long-term needs. Persons requesting assistance with transportation needs should also contact Pastoral Care.

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